Chair for Drug Formulation and Delivery

    Poorly Water Soluble Drugs

    Formulation of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs (PWSDs)

    • Experimental determination of pKa, logP and kinetics of precipitations and dissolution of the pure PWSD and in the presence of additives
    • Systematic development of supersaturating systems for the improvement of the biopharmaceutical properties, including a ‘high throughput’ platform for fast identification of suitable formulations
    • Transformation of PWSDs into ionic liquids by tailor-made counterions as well as themodynamic, pharmaceutical, chemical, and biopharmaceutical characterization
    • Development of powder diffraction as a platform for the online-monitoring of precipitation and crystallinity of PWSDs in biologically relevant fluids

    Therapeutic Gas Delivery

    • Development of oral delivery systems for therapeutic gases such as CO, H2S, or NO

    Publication Highlights

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