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    Chair for Drug Formulation and Delivery


    Our Capabilities in Instrumental Analysis and Analytic Services

    Laboratories of the Chair of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmacy cover the scope of drug substance (DS) and drug product (DP) research and development, including processing techniques as well as drug delivery system characterization of solid, semisolid and liquid dosage forms. Another focus is the physico-chemical characterization of DS.

    State-of-the-art Drug Formulation and Delivery Labs for all types of API (small molecules, proteins) are completed by Clean Room facilities for parenteral formulations (not operated under GMP) and top-notch equipment for physico-chemical characterization of DS.

    For microbial growth, processing, enumeration and characterization of microorganisms (incl. GMOs) full-scale microbiology and cell culture capabilities are available on site. Complementary, a Microscope Lab enables in situ live imaging of microorganisms.

    Preparation of polymers and biomaterials studies is performed in purpose-built Biomaterials Processing Labs. In combination with Biophysical Characterization Labs a range of analytical tools to fully characterize material structure and morphology are available.

    For Biologics and Bioresponsive Release

    • S1 cell culture and microbiology lab
    • Fluorescence Microscope for Live Imaging (CO2 / temperature controlled incubator)
    • Static and Dynamic Light Scattering (SLS / DLS)
    • Freeze Dryer (lab-scale)
    • Ready to Process Bioreactor WAVE 25
    • Flow-through Cytometry (FACS)
    • Fluorescence Spectrometer
    • Microwave Peptide Synthesizer
    • 3D Bioprinter
    • Real-time PCR

    For Formulation of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs

    • X-ray Powder Diffractometer (XRPD)
    • Thermal Analysis: DSC, TG, Calorimetry, ITC
    • Nephelometer / Turbidimeter
    • Sirius T3 pipetting platform (Simulation of GI-Passage)
    • HPLC-DAD / HPLC-UV / HPLC-Fluorescence
    • Static and Dynamic Light Scattering (SLS / DLS)
    • Delsa Nano Particle Analyzer
    • NMR Spectroscopy
    • Freeze Drying Microscope

    Technological Methods for drug formulation and characterization

    • Nano / Mini  Spray Dryer
    • Fluid-bed Granulator with Coater (mini- and lab-scale)
    • Tablet Presses incl. Instrumentation
    • Rheometer
    • High Pressure Homogenizer
    • Tensiometer incl. Drop Shape Analysis
    • Surface Analysis (BET, Hg-Porosimetry)
    • Goniometer
    • Pulverisette (nano milling)
    • Drug Synthesis Equipment
    • Interdisciplinary know-how from Pharmacy, Medicine, Chemistry and Biochemistry

    All devices are operated with assistance of PhD-/PostDoc level scientific staff.