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    Chair for Drug Formulation and Delivery


    Congratulations to Jonas, Josef, & team! They developed an algorithm predicting bile and lipid interaction of poorly water-soluble drugs! Hopefully, it might complement/precede vastly complex experiments which are currently required along these lines!


    CRS Aachen


    Four of our PhD students attended the 2022 meeting of the local chapters of the controlled release society (Germany, BeNeLux, France) in Aachen. Our team members contributed to the stimulating conference with three oral talks and one elevator pitch, with Eduardo Merino Asumendi and Simon Hanio being awarded for the conference’s best talk and elevator pitch, respectively. Many thanks to Prof. Lammers and his team for the excellent organization.


    Review on IFN drugs


    Congratulations to Niklas Hauptstein & team for their review ”Bioconjugation strategies and clinical implications of Interferon-bioconjugates“, published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. The article reviews available IFN drugs, their field and route of application, while also outlining available and future strategies for bioconjugation to further optimize pharmaceutical and clinical performances of all three available IFN classes.


    Niklas and our partners from the Haag, Schubert, and Sotriffer labs at FU Berlin, Universities of Jena and Würzburg, respectively, just published an article on Interferon bioconjugates using various polymers. The study is published in Biomacromolecules. One interesting focus is on the interaction of the polymers with the protein surface and to which extend this explaines the stability of the biopolymer.


    Simon Hanio & team detailed colloidal dynamics of bile fluids in response to a poorly water soluble drug substance, Perphenazine. By combining readouts from DLS, SANS, AUC, NMR, and other methods they detailed exciting adaptations in morphology and, arguably surprisingly, these adaptations did not impact the fraction of free drug substance. Congratulations to this very detailed and accurate contribution!


    Good job, Katti!


    As of February 23, 2021 Katharina Dodt completed her PhD with the defense of her thesis entitled „Monitoring enzyme activity by using mass-encoded peptides and multiplexed detection“. Congratulations!!!