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    Chair for Drug Formulation and Delivery

    Martina Raschig

    Tel.: +49 931 31-88357

    E-Mail: martina.raschig[at]uni-wuerzburg.de


    Research Interests

    In January 2017, Martina joined the group. Her research is focused on development of hydrogen peroxide responsive linkers coupled with peptide chains for drug delivery of antiinflammatory drugs.

    Her second research project is based on light controlled phase transition systems for tuning solubility and permeation of drugs.

    Curriculum Vitae

    Bachelor in Chemistry, Julius-Maximilians University Wuerzburg

    Master in Chemistry, Julius-Maximilians University Wuerzburg

    Scientist, Dept. of Pharmacy and Food Chemistry, Chair for Drug Formulation and Delivery, Julius-Maximilians University Wuerzburg


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