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    Drug-induced dynamics of bile colloids


    Simon Hanio & team detailed colloidal dynamics of bile fluids in response to a poorly water soluble drug substance, Perphenazine. By combining readouts from DLS, SANS, AUC, NMR, and other methods they detailed exciting adaptations in morphology and, arguably surprisingly, these adaptations did not impact the fraction of free drug substance. Congratulations to this very detailed and accurate contribution!



    Graphical abstract is reprinted with permission from:

    „Hanio, S., Schlauersbach, J., Lenz, B., Spiegel, F., Böckmann, R. A., Schweins, R., Nischang, I., Schubert, U. S., Endres, S., Pöppler, A.-C., Brandl, F. P., Smit, T. M., Kolter, K., Meinel, L. (2021). Drug-Induced Dynamics of Bile Colloids. ACS Langmuir. 2021, 37, 8, pp. 2543–2551, doi: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.0c02282.“

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