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Institute for Pharmacy and Food Chemistry

Work Safety

Information for Work Security

Please download a short English summary of what to do in case of fire and/or emergencies here. 

Although the most relevant information is available from this document, please carefully read the information provided here. Ask your colleagues if something is not clear to you!

What to do in case of fire, accidents, or emergencies?

1. Keep calm! 

2. In case of fire emergencies, push one of the alarm buttons (staircases)

3. Provide first aid, if neccessary! Try to estinguish fire; however, do not endanger yourself!

4. Call the emergency line 112

5. In case of any fire alarm (loud signal), immediately leave the building. Go to the next emergency meeting point.

6. If applicable, provide assistance to any ambulances or firefighters (building, etc.)

7. If necessary, inform the respective group leader of the affected department by phone! 

Emergency numbers

Common emergency number for fire department, ambulances, police: 112, available from all wired phones within the building


Please provide the exact location of the emergency:

institute, address, floor number, northern or southern part of the building

Address for emergency doctors:

Institut für Pharmazie und Lebensmittelchemie

Am Hubland, Treffpunkt 4 (Chemie WEST)



Shortly describe what happened!

  • Number of injured people, type of injury
  • In case of fire emergencies: where is the fire, what is burning (e.g., office or laboratory?)
  • Is anbmody missing or endangered?


Provide your full name!

The emergency line will terminate the call, stay on the line!


Main entrance NORTH:Meeting point 12  (MENSA)
Staircases MIDDLE / SOUTH: Meeting point 5  (Chemie SÜD)

Würzburg, 26.03.2010

gez. Prof. Dr. U. Holzgrabe